• Angela Krueger

I'm here.

This right here is the best of homeschooling!

Things you won't find in my house:

name brand clothes, shoes, purses

manicured nails

fancy new cars

the lastest technology

video games


gaming systems

trendy wardrobes

big fancy home in an elite neighborhood

immaculate housekeeping

Things you will find in my home:

second hand clothes from friends, family, yard sales and consignment shops

second hand furniture and appliances from Craigslist and family

two paid off older vehicles

a huge pile of laundry every Monday

a 30+ year old home in an older subdivision

used home school curriculum

at any given moment a toddler screaming or siblings fighting

dishes in the sink

a tired momma

But every sacrifice, every hard day, every challenge is worth it because there are so many things I haven't missed.

first words

first steps

the laughter, tears, tiny hands and tiny feet of my children

watching them learn their ABC's and 123's

watching them learn how to read, write, add, subtract

the fleeting elementary years

the spontaneous questions that interrupt school so we can have real life conversations

the random hugs and "I love you's" that happen at any moment of my day

And today. I didn't miss today. My kids enjoying reading time outside on this beautiful day.

I do not regret giving up my job and career aspirations. Because I won't look back and wonder where I was as my children's childhood sped away. I'm here.

I'm here for the teachable moments that turn into awesome conversations about God, life, character. I'm here teaching them the building blocks for a successful adulthood that go beyond basic education. Do I get tired, frustrated, have to "take a nap" sometimes to regroup, want to give up at times????? YES!!!

But I don't. I won't. I get up every morning and I'm here. With my kids...the most important ministry I'll ever have.


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