• Angela Krueger

Why do I home school? #8. Orderliness

My God is a God of order, not chaos. When he put the sun, moon, stars and planets in their place he put them in a particular order and continuously holds them there.

Every day.

Every year.

His handiwork is astounding and can be seen throughout all creation. If we have chaos in our lives, it's not His doing, its ours or the free will of others. Chaos is not His nature.

During our orderliness character trait unit, in addition to academics, I also taught my children how to clean and organize their rooms. First, we looked at their messy room and I had them recognize how it made them feel. Once I helped them to clean, purge, and organize their room I had them recognize how it made them feel to be in a tidy, clean room. They noticed a big difference and appreciated how peaceful is was and how proud they were of their hard work. And we've practiced this many times since.

I promise you, Elijah's room does not always look like this! In fact, it's rare. His floor is usually completely covered in thousands of tiny land mines called Legos! But last night, by his own initiative, he organized, purged and cleaned his entire room and closet. I was proud of him. He was proud of himself.

"Mom, my room looks awesome! It feels so good to have a clean room!"

I couldn't agree more...I love order! What a great trait to take into adulthood!

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