• Angela Krueger

Why do I home school? #10. Student to teacher ratio.

I know so many amazing teachers. They were born to be teachers. Day in, day out, they dedicate their lives to educating children. It's their God given gift and you can tell by the way they love their students. Also, they are the only Jesus that some kids will ever encounter. They keep food in their desk because they know some students don't eat all weekend. They give hugs to the kids who don't get them at home and they are the only safe place for other students. These teachers have a class of 20-30 students, every day, every year, to teach and watch after. It would overwhelm me! I have an immense respect for teachers and all those who work alongside them. My student to teacher ratio is 1 to 4 and to be honest there are days when that small ratio can be overwhelming. Take today for example: I got all of us to tennis practice on time (huge success!) but about half way through Ezra decided his pants no longer fit and he was trying to undress, Ezekiel starting crying because he's teething and wanted to nurse and Ellie Grace needed help with Math and Language Arts....ALL AT THE SAME TIME!! While out in public! Jesus take the wheel! And He did! The beauty of home school is that I can take my time and help each child. There is no rush or time limit on problems or curriculum. First, take care of the half naked toddler then nurse the baby while answering math questions. I can help each child on their level and at their pace. And since I can take care of my 4 at home (or in public) , it will be 4 less in classrooms through the years to allow those extraordinary teachers more time for the precious ones who most desperately need them. Keep up the most excellent work teacher friends!

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