• Angela Krueger

Why do I home school? #9. Determination

Ellie Grace's middle name could have been "determined." Seriously. When she makes up her mind to learn something new, nothing stops her. Ballet...nailed it! Ride a bike...nailed it. Crochet...nailed it. Gymnastics and tumbling....currently conquering it! Make pancakes all my herself...check! She's been this way since birth. When she was 2 1/2 years old she announced that she was done with diapers. And she was. Even at night!

Just last month she decided she wanted to make a quilt. My mom is a quilter and is walking her through all the steps but she's letting Ellie Grace do all the work: designing, cutting fabric, sewing the pieces together with the sewing machine. I am so impressed by her focus and determination. And because we home school we have more time to pursue some of her dreams!

During our determination unit study we learned about some inspirational people and their lives. Olympic athletes, people with handicaps who never let it stop them from achieving their dreams, explorers, scientists, and their list of achievements are quite impressive. We talked about how we could apply that same determination to our own lives and to the obstacles that we face.

Maybe one day someone will study Ellie Grace as a character study. She sure inspires me!!!

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