• Angela Krueger

Why do I home school? #19. Patience

Patience: waiting without complaining (more character training!!)

I've had many people tell me they could never home school because they don't have the patience. Well....neither do I! One of our conference speakers, Heidi St. John asked, "Who has the patience to home school?" Everyone laughed and NO ONE raised their hand! She then said the Lord has been doing a sanctifying work in her through home school. Everyone laughed because...well...that's true too!

I'm over here trying to teach Godly character to my children and in the process the Lord is constantly refining me...with fire...with sandpaper...with my children acting like me sometimes! Ugh...

In our instant gratification world, patience doesn't come easy, but oh how valuable patience is! It took almost 700 years of patience for the prophet Isaiah's words to be fulfilled in Jesus. It takes patience to wait (in all ways) for the spouse that God wants for us. It takes patience to wait for the tomato seed planted in April to bear fruit in July. It takes patience to save for the things we want instead of going in debt. It takes patience to teach multiplication! All of it!!!!

BUT...fire gets impurities out of gold.

Sandpaper makes rough patches smooth.

And Jesus did come as prophesied and left his Holy Spirit to continue this work of sanctifying me and my kids through our school work while we practice patience. It's not always pleasant, but it's valuable and nothing worth having comes easy!

Lord, help me rely on you, to draw from your patience, and thank you for being patient with me!

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