• Angela Krueger

Why do I home school? #20. Standardized Testing

One of the things I always dreaded in public school was Standardized Testing at the end of each year. They stressed me out, caused extreme anxiety, and upset my stomach. I was told how important they were because they counted toward my grades and could determine whether I would pass or fail a grade. Without fail, every time I sat in front of one of those tests it may as well have been in Chinese. I knew nothing. I felt unequipped and stupid. I did terrible guessing on those tests and yet I was a straight A student! But I never had to repeat a grade. I did terrible on my SAT's yet that university was more than happy to take all my money when I went to college!!

You know what I found out?????

NOT ONE SINGLE EMPLOYER EVER asked me what I made on a standardized test. Not a single one ever asked what my GPA was in high school or college even though I graduated with honors. NOT ONE!!!!!

I was brained washed into believing that doing well on these tests would determine my future success. It was a lie!

You know what did get me my jobs?????

Good customer service skills, the ability to communicate effectively, responsibility, a willingness to learn, reliability....in a nutshell.....character.

So over here in home school land, I'm not doing standardized testing! However, learning is happening while I'm also teaching character.

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