• Angela Krueger

Why do I home school? #21. A Child's Pace

Not everyone learns at the same pace. Just because they teach multiplication in the 3rd grade does not mean every child's brain is ready to understand this math concept. On the other hand there could be a child in 2nd grade who catches on to multiplication quickly and easily. What little I have learned about brain development is fascinating and makes me all the more convinced that following a child's pace is so beneficial.

My best example is with Ellie Grace and math. She was ready for school! She had been watching her big brother do school and had been participating as much as she could and was doing well. So I started her cautiously and a little early. She was flying through math in particular and was way ahead of her grade level.

And then multiplication happened!!!

ALL math learning froze. It was a tough concept for her so we stopped trying to push through curriculum and we spent an entire semester on multiplication. We did flash cards, manipulatives, writing them, saying them, Khan Academy....until it finally stuck!

In public school, they would have kept going and left her behind on a foundational math concept. But at home we were able to pause, wait until she got it, and THEN move on.

I love that we have the ability to accelerate or slow down whenever we need to. It's been beneficial in so many ways for my children!

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