• Angela Krueger

Why do I home school? #23. Obedience

Obedience: doing what I am asked to do and when I am told the first time. More character training!

Did you know that a colony of bees will decide each day what kind of flower they will get nectar from? Did you also know that each flower has to be pollinated by another flower of the same kind!?! What!!?? So that means that the bees wake up, decide to find tulips (or insert your own favorite flower here), and then pollinate tulips all day long! The survival of flowering plants is completely dependent upon bees obeying their God given design. Mind blown! Our science book just taught us about this whole process and it seriously makes me all excited about how detailed and thoughtful our amazing God is!

The bees obey. The wind and waves obey. The sun, moon and stars obey. And so should we sweet children!!

When I ask Ezra to hold my hand in a parking lot it's to keep him safe. It's not to be mean or keep him from having fun! There is a time and place to run free, but the parking lot is not that place. He's small and can't see from my perspective. Disobedience or even delayed obedience could be disastrous. God is supremely better at parenting than I am. He asks for my obedience to keep me safe and on the right path. I am small and cannot see from His perspective so trusting His guidance keeps me from disaster and greatly benefits my life. Lord, thank you for your grace with my delayed obedience. I want to be obedient to your design and call for my life and to encourage my children to be obedient to the call on their life. All of creation obeys you and so will I! **Go listen to the song So Will I by Hillsong!**

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