• Angela Krueger

Why do I home school? #24. Life Skills.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Confession: I do not remember what I learned in 4th grade history. I do not remember what I learned in ninth grade science. I do not remember any of the essays I wrote in the middle of the night in college because of my procrastination.

But I can assure you that whatever I learned or wrote did not help me prepare healthy meals for my family this week...every! single! day! Nor did it help me keep four miniature humans alive as long as I have through sickness and health. Nor did any of my 17 years of schooling prepare me or teach me how to have healthy relationships. As a now 30-something year old, wife, mom of four, home school teacher, I look back at the many years of schooling and feel that none of it adequately prepared me to do REAL life. I'm not jaded or anything! :)

I home school so that I can teach my kids actual life skills. The things we all do every day, every week, every year that actually make life go around.

Cooking - I get my kids involved in prepping our meals and we talk about nutrition.

Cleaning - look at the Stewardship post

Saving and budgeting money - look at the Excellence post

Raising chickens - We currently have 6!

Planting a garden - We love our fresh veggies!

People skills - How to play with friends, interact with adults, how to have healthy conflict resolution skills (this one is a constant work in progress)!

Etiquette - Apparently good manners are not hard wired into my children's neural development at conception!!!

Natural living - We are learning how eat cleaner and eliminate chemicals out of our home.

The list goes on...

In the past month we've made oatmeal cookies (gluten free, refined sugar free), Ellie Grace learned how to make tacos for the whole family, Elijah cut the grass, we opened bank accounts for the big kids, we planted a garden, bought baby chicks, we are learning more natural ways to help with allergies and colds, and we've had MANY conversations about nice ways to approach conflict! :)

So as the saying goes: spoon feed a child their whole life and they will be hungry, dependent and rely on your forever, but teach them how to plant a garden, cook, work hard and save money and they'll never go hungry and move out one day! Or something like that.... :)

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