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Why do I home school? #25. Extra Curricular Activities

Middle Tennessee is a huge hub for home schooling which means there is an abundance of extra curricular activities to participate in. Everything from co-op's, tutorials, clubs, events, field trips and play dates!

For example...

On Monday, our friends the "D" family offered to take my big kids with their big kids on a science hike through the woods. They identified trees, plants, birds, edible vs. non edible plants and it was perfect timing since we're studying botany in science right now! The "D" family loves botany and are far more knowledgeable than I am in this area so it was a blessing to have them take time to pour their knowledge into my kids. Monday evening, Ellie Grace had her gymnastics class where she tumbled and flipped with her friends!

On Tuesday, our friends the "B" family took Elijah with them to one of our local parks that was hosting a day of outdoor classes for home school children on topics like Tennessee Mammals, Birds of Prey, First Aid, CPR, Wilderness Survival, and River Ecology. This particular event was for middle school and up so Elijah hitched a ride with the "B" family which meant Elijah got to spend the whole day with his best friend "J". They had a blast and can't wait to go again next year! And since Elijah was gone all day, Ellie Grace and I invited a different home school family, the "H's", over to play for the day! I got to have mommy time with my good friend "A" while Ellie Grace played with her daughters and Ezra played with her son! Win-Win-Win!!!

On Wednesday, Elijah had a tennis clinic. He's been taking tennis lessons since October and many places are now offering classes specifically for home schoolers, which means there is a fantastic student to teacher ratio. 3:1!!! Elijah really likes his tennis coach and I've met even more great home schooling moms! We were also invited to a home school park meet up afterwards (with completely different families), but my kids lost that privilege due their behavior. Just being real.... :/

On Thursday, I will plan NOTHING! We will not be leaving the house if I can help it!!

On Friday, we will have a play date with the "A" family. I love this family. I don't get to see them often, but this mom is amazing. The patience, diligence, and love that she exudes for her son is incredible. She has shared with me about neurodevelopment and different therapies that she does every day to help her child. She is an inspiration and I'm looking forward to squeezing some time in with her and while we are there my kids will be learning how to play with a sweet special needs child that we all love!

Every day, every week, could be this busy with activities and friends if I let it because there are seriously that many options for home schoolers and because we have so many wonderful friends! I am most grateful for all the opportunities! BUT..... I ain't doin' it!!!! :)

If we are too busy, my kids let me know with their behavior! My big kids actually request quiet days at home with nothing going on because they need down time. And so do I! Which means I intentionally schedule days with no activities or play dates for us! It's about finding a healthy balance for our family and every week is different. Activities and friends are awesome, but so is rest!

What?!? You thought home schoolers didn't have a social life?!? Hahaha..... I love home school!

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