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Why do I home school? #27. Curriculum.

When I first began home schooling I had an image in my mind about what a school day would look like. It resembled what my experience in public school was...children sitting in hard wooden desks in a freezing classroom, a teacher at the white board with a lesson prepared, and every one listening to the lecture. This image completely overwhelmed me.

How am I suppose to prepare a lesson every night for every subject the next day?!?

For 13 years!!!????!!!

How am I going to prepare enough information to fill 4 hours of school every day?

I don't remember half the stuff I learned in grade school and now I have to teach that and more?!? There's just no way!!

Well, turns out that it doesn't look like the image I had in my mind at all. Instead of me standing in front of my children giving a boring lecture, I am sitting beside them learning right along with them. The curriculum is really easy to follow, it tells you exactly what to do, what to say, and gives you the answers in the teacher guide! All you have to know before you get started is how to read. And if you're reading this then you can teach your child!

I'm so grateful for all the home educating moms and curriculum writers who have done all the hard work before I arrived on the scene because it has made teaching my children much easier than I ever thought possible.

Third grade Saxon math lesson.

Apologia Science

Mystery of History lesson

Third grade language arts lesson

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