• Angela Krueger

Why do I home school? #29. Changing Curriculum.

In college I took a marketing class my junior year with an intelligent, but difficult and boring professor. I did terrible! I made my only academic C ever in his class. I was embarrassed, frustrated and felt defeated. Well, that wasn't ok with me so I retook the class with a different professor and not only did I enjoy the class, but I also aced it!

Different professor....different approach...made all the difference.

Two years ago, I tried doing our language arts program through LifePac, however, both Elijah and I hated it!! It lasted about two weeks before I was ready to burn it! I was frustrated and Elijah was in tears. The LifePac approach works great for some people but it did not work for us.

Upon a friends recommendation we decided to try Total Language Plus which is a language arts program created around novels. Elijah loves to read and so I hoped it would be a good fit. This past year was our first year using it and we all loved it! Even Ellie Grace! I'm so glad we switched. The TLP program used a different approach that was right for my children.

Having the freedom to change curriculum whenever we need, for any subject, is such a blessing!

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