• Angela Krueger

Why do I home school? #30. Our schedule.

I LOVE our schedule!!!

The kids get up between 7:30-8 each morning. They eat breakfast, brush teeth, make beds, get dressed and then we start school at 9:00(ish). Sometimes the "ish" is based on what the little guys may need at the moment.

Usually by 2:00, we've done all school work, eaten lunch and completed our daily chores. By the time the big yellow bus arrives in our subdivision around 4:00, my kids have already had TWO hours of playtime, or time with friends, or we've run our errands for the day.

I've been told that in public schools, families are getting up around 5:30-6:00am to get to the bus stop and get to school on time. Mornings are filled with papers being signed, lunches thrown together, and rushing out the door. Buses arrive back home about 4 and there is still homework to tackle, chores, dinner and routines to complete with very little down time left over.

Confession. I'm not a morning person. Nor do I like to be rushed. So when people say they don't know how I do this home school gig...I always think to myself...I don't know how you do the public school gig! Isn't that funny!?! I feel like I have it easy in comparison! I love our home school schedule!

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