• Angela Krueger

Beauty in Darkness

Beauty in Darkness

Some choices we make really don't make a big difference in our everyday lives. Caramel or hazelnut creamer? Black or white flip flops? Blue or purple shirt? Teal and grey color scheme for the new home or navy and grey? These types choices don't change the trajectory of our lives. We have the privilege of making these free will choices every day and we're allowed to choose whatever suits our fancy with permission to change our minds. (Right ladies!!??!!)

However, there are some choices that do change the course of our lives forever. Who we marry. Drugs. Getting behind the wheel of a car while drunk. Having sex outside of marriage. Breaking the law. These choices can change the trajectory of our entire lives.

Then there are some choices that may not seem like a big deal but God uses them to teach us something about who He is. I was on my way home from a counseling session while in the middle of my divorce. I had two options: drive home on the main interstate which would be quicker or drive an extra ten minutes and go the longer route and avoid any traffic. In my tears, I asked the Lord which way to go...I didn't care and was too distraught to make a decision.

I peacefully heard - "take the longer route." So off I went with my worship music. It was getting dark but there was still enough of a radiant sunset to see the beauty of God's creation. At one point, I could see for miles in all directions and I became awe struck by His majesty. I worshiped Him even more and thanked Him for having me drive the longer route.

To which He replied- "I wanted to show you my beauty even in darkness."

Hot tears filled my eyes and poured down my cheeks. He saw me. He heard me. He comforted me during my darkest of days.

He is beautiful, dear one, even in the darkest of days. Let him show you His beauty!

#Redemption #Divorce

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