• Angela Krueger

Why Do I Homeschool? #32 Bible Time

I love that homeschool allows us the opportunity to read and discuss the Bible together. We've made it a habit that I hope will carry through to my children's adult lives. When they were little we read through several different children's Bibles, an Action Hero's Bible and an abridged version of the entire Bible.

One year, we spent the entire year reading and re-reading the book of Proverbs, corresponding the chapter with the day of the month. They would pick one verse that stood out to them and write it/draw it/scripture doodle it in a journal.

This past year I took them to a Christian bookstore and let them pick out their own devotion book meaning me and the big kids are all reading something different each morning. It's been fun to see how often the same message is being taught on the same day in each of our books. I love it when God shows up that way and my kids always know it's Him.

Sometimes, Bible time is short and sweet. Sometimes, one of us (or all of us) woke up on the wrong side of the bed and our time is filled with emotions and attitudes. (Just being real!)

But sometimes, our short and sweet conversations turn into long and deep conversations and that's my favorite. When we talk about life and the stuff that really matters. When we talk about the world around us and how we are preparing them at home for the battlefield out there. When we talk about character, the future, and what God might be calling them into. Those are my favorite moments with my kids. I am so grateful that Bible Time is at part of our homeschool.

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